All-on-4 gives you Stable, strong teeth that won’t succumb to the pressures of biting or chewing.

All-on-4 gives you stable, strong teeth that won’t succumb to the pressures of biting or chewing.

If you are wearing a denture that does not fit well, or if you are contemplating a complete denture for the very first time, then you will be pleasantly pleased with today’s modern choices for tooth replacement.

As an alternative to traditional or conventional full dentures we often recommend All-on-4 dentures, a secure system of four dental implants and a denture, to aid our patients in overcoming the common inconveniences of complete tooth loss.

With the placement of four dental implants which are used to securely anchor a full denture, a number of functional goals and esthetic ideals can be achieved:

  • Permanent teeth which do not need to be removed at night or for daily oral hygiene and maintenance.
  • Stable, strong teeth that won’t succumb to the pressures of biting or chewing.
  • Reliable teeth that will not need to be reinforced with denture glue, even after a full day of speaking and eating.
  • The preservation of the jawbone in terms of density, shape, and volume.
  • Increased personal comfort as the teeth do not slide out of place or irritate the gum tissue.
  • No risk of dropped, lost, or broken teeth.

All-on-4 implant dentures are high-quality prosthetic teeth that are designed to remain in the mouth 24 hours a day. The four dental implant posts work to constantly stimulate the living tissues of the jaw bone—a feature that prevents the deterioration and shrinkage that are so common when the natural teeth are missing.

By stabilizing the bone structure and securing the denture with a minimal number of implants, we can help you to preserve a more natural and youthful appearance. When the teeth and the structure of the jaw are stable, it is possible to prevent the aged appearance of sagging cheeks and sunken lips. A full set of teeth that complement your face provide an extraordinary boost to your self-confidence.

Make Today the Day

Don’t delay your treatment; contact our office to arrange your consultation today! The All-on-4 implant denture procedure can often be performed in a single day, and the minimally invasive surgical technique makes for a significantly shortened recovery period. Most of our patients are able to enjoy a nutritious and satisfying meal just a few hours after surgery.