Invisalign® in Richardson, TX

Our Richardson Dentists Offer a Great Alternative to Braces

Conventional orthodontic treatment can seem counterproductive at times. Most patients seek out treatment to improve the appearance of their smiles, but those smiles are obscured by metal appliances for a year or two before patients can appreciate the results. Fortunately, Richardson Dentistry has a solution.

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The Invisalign® system is a great alternative to standard braces. This treatment repositions the teeth using a series of clear progressive plastic trays. The patient switches out the trays on the schedule provided by our Richardson dentists. The trays are worn between 20 and 22 hours a day and can be removed for oral hygiene and at mealtime.

With its improved comfort and convenience, Invisalign® appeals to patients for a number of reasons beyond the smile’s appearance during treatment. The trays do not have sharp edges or wires, lessening the risk of injuries to the soft tissue in your mouth.

Girl Holding Invisalign

Benefits of Invisalign®

Choosing Invisalign® makes it easier to maintain your oral hygiene. You do not have braces to maneuver around, so you can just keep brushing and flossing as you have always done.

Patients who wear regular braces often have to swear off their favorite foods during treatment, but that is not the case with Invisalign®. The trays are removed at mealtime, so they do not interfere with your ability to enjoy a varied diet.

Invisalign® patients also spend less time in the dentist’s office. While conventional braces require appointments every four weeks or so to adjust the appliances, Invisalign® has the patient do most of the work. You will only need to come to the office periodically so our Dallas County dental team can check on the progress of your treatment.

Invisalign® can be used on both adolescent and adult patients who want a more subtle way to improve their smiles. With our specialized training in the Invisalign® system, our dentists are prepared to give you the smile of your dreams without weighing your smile down with metal brackets and wires.

Call (972) 218-0078 to speak with a friendly member of our team and learn more about Invisalign® in Richardson, TX !



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