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  • Migraines and Your Teeth
    Migraines and Your Teeth

    Migraine headaches can put the brakes on anyone’s day. They can mean time away from family, friends and work, not to mention the inconvenience and personal discomfort. One of the major causes of ...

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  • Tips for a Teething Baby
    Tips for a Teething Baby

    The teething phase can be quite hard on both the child and the parents. It can begin as early as four months and can cause pain and irritability. The gums will likely be tender and swollen during this ...

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  • Prepare Your Teeth for the Holidays
    Prepare Your Teeth for the Holidays

    During the holidays, most people are more concerned about what the food is going to do to their weight rather than their oral health. However, it’s extremely important to pay attention to oral health ...

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