dental-technology-richardson-1Virtually all medical and health care settings are taking advantage of modern technology to improve patients’ experiences, and our practice has joined that trend as well.

Modernized treatments like dental implants and Invisalign, which improve on earlier interventions, benefit many of our patients. More advanced tools also help us take better care of our patients.

Many of these tools are used for both basic dental care and more advanced interventions. One example of this is our intra-oral camera, a tiny powerhouse that captures images of the entire interior of your mouth. The images are available for view immediately on our computers, and our dentists use these pictures as a tool to educate patients and engage them in their treatment plans.

dental-technology-richardson-2Our technology is safer for our patients. Our digital x-ray system exposes patients to lower levels of radiation while still giving our dentists the valuable interior views that are essential in diagnosing various oral diseases, like tooth decay and oral cancer.

Digital x-rays are also more convenient for patients and dental care providers alike.  As with the intra-oral camera, the images from digital x-rays are available for instant viewing on our office computers, so patients don’t have to wait around while the films are developed. Plus, our staff members and the environment are no longer exposed to the chemicals involved in processing films.

gum-disease-1dental-technology-richardson-3In many cases, the technology offered by our office results in even greater patient comfort. We use modern dental instruments that allow us to perform procedures less invasively. For example, we can eliminate the infection associated with gum disease by applying Arestin, a treatment in which a powder is placed between the gums and the teeth’s roots. The Arestin powder delivers a time-released antibiotic to get rid of the bacteria without a surgical procedure.

sl3At Richardson Dentistry, we use the SL3 Laser for soft-tissue treatments.  Laser technology affords us greater accuracy with complex periodontal issues and rapid healing times for our patients.

We want you to be well-informed about your dental care so that you can be an active partner in maintaining your oral health, and our practice has invested in technology that helps us do so. Ask our staff about the technology used in our office and how it benefits our patients.