Advantages of Sedation Dentistry

Advantages of Sedation Dentistry

If all dental visits were spine-tingling, white-knuckled experiences, it would be simple to understand the fear that motivates dental phobias. It is fortunate that the average dental visit is no longer such a frightening ordeal. In fact, many patients are surprised at the ease and simplicity of the modern dental experience. There is a definite and purposeful emphasis on patient comfort and satisfaction, and it’s all designed to make each appointment more peaceful and enjoyable.

Still, for some patients, there is a certain degree of anxiety that creeps in when it’s time for an upcoming dental procedure. These feelings are perfectly normal, and your dentist might suggest sedation dentistry to make your visit more comfortable.

Whether you believe your fears to be real or imaginary, there is no need to force yourself to endure a procedure that bothers you. There are lots of benefits to sedation, and you won’t be shamed or judged when you request it.

Sedatives are popular because they provide a safe way to reduce patient apprehension prior to or during a dental procedure. There are a variety of sedative options which can be customized to suit the needs of each patient.

Sedation dentistry, when utilized in conjunction with local dental anesthetics, can also significantly raise your threshold for pain. Whereas you might normally be very sensitive to certain stimuli, you will find that you have a greater tolerance for pressure, tastes, and smells when you are under the influence of sedation dentistry.

A particularly long dental appointment can feel like it takes only moments when your mind is relaxed. In fact, most patients tend to daydream or even sleep during lengthy procedures, and few patients are able to recall the exact details of the procedure once it has been completed.

No matter your age or gender, you deserve to enjoy a pleasant dental experience. Even relatively simple dental procedures can be enhanced with the help of an experienced sedation dentist. Contact our experienced dental team at Richardson Dentistry to learn more. Call (972) 218-0078 to schedule your visit today.

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