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With excellence as our standard, we proudly offer a full suite of transformative and restorative cosmetic solutions. We are your premier destination for smile makeovers in Richardson.

Porcelain Veneers

Create a perfectly aligned, professionally tailored and stunningly beautiful smile in just a few short visits with veneers. Providing the quickest way to the smile of your dreams, these custom-designed, semi-translucent covers bond to your teeth, offering more than just a color change – they redefine the size, shape, and overall appearance of your smile.

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Full Mouth

Experience a complete oral makeover with full mouth rehab, where we expertly combine multiple treatments to rejuvenate both the function and appearance of your teeth. Perfect for extensive dental restoration, delivering a transformed smile and improved dental health.


Enhance your smile swiftly and effectively with composite bonding. This technique uses a tooth colored resin to repair and enhance the appearance of chipped, cracked, or discolored teeth. It’s a minimally invasive and affordable solution for those seeking an immediate improvement in the appearance of their smile.


An ideal solution for those seeking both restoration and aesthetic improvement of decayed, damaged, or cracked teeth. These permanent caps restore a tooth’s natural shape and size, significantly enhancing its strength and function.


Get beautifully straight teeth without braces. These virtually invisible, removable aligners allow you to eat and drink what you want while in treatment – plus brushing and flossing are no problem. Ideal for anyone who’s interested in a faster, more discreet route to a straighter smile.


We are modern smile makers who never settle for good enough. If you’re interested in a transformative smile makeover of your own, we look forward to meeting you for a consultation.


Cosmetic Patient

Jamie’s comprehensive dental transformation, including adult orthodontics, oral surgery for dental implants, and cosmetic bonding, was further enhanced by the strategic placement of porcelain veneers on her upper front teeth – significantly brightening and widening her beautiful smile.


Cosmetic Patient

Robbie, a long-term patient, never really loved her smile. She felt that her teeth appeared short and discolored, and was concerned about the prominence of her gums. After a detailed consultation and understanding her desire for an age-appropriate, enhanced smile, she received treatment to help achieve her goals. This personalized approach led to a stunningly successful outcome.


Cosmetic Patient

After enduring years of dental treatments for individual tooth issues, Lisa faced the challenge of worn and chipped teeth, along with an uncomfortable bite alignment. A thorough evaluation of all possible options led to the decision that a holistic approach was necessary. This involved a full mouth rehabilitation with the placement of dental crowns, not only addressing the immediate concerns of her damaged teeth but also correcting her bite. The result was a comprehensive and long-lasting solution, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of her smile.


Cosmetic Patient

Klay had been exploring the possibility of a smile makeover over the years but eventually decided to proceed with treatment after a thorough virtual mock-up and discussion. We transformed his worn and discolored teeth into a radiant smile through the strategic application of crowns and veneers on his upper ten teeth.


Cosmetic Patient

Vickie was unhappy with anterior dental work performed at another clinic, particularly concerning the color and size of her implant restorations. Under Dr. Guirguis' guidance, a comprehensive treatment plan was developed, which included gum surgery to level the gums and adjustments to the teeth adjacent to her implant bridge. This approach successfully achieved a symmetrical, natural-looking smile, effectively concealing the fact that her front teeth were implants.

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