Are there side effects from teeth whitening?

Are there side effects from teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening has undergone many changes since this enhancement became popular. And with the many options available, the patient can enjoy a safe and reliable smile makeover.

There are minimal side effects from teeth whitening but one concern is for individuals who might be susceptible to sensitivity. Gum recession or diminished enamel can provide areas where the teeth whitening gel may produce a zinging sensation.

There is a way to prevent this; primarily to use a tooth paste or rinse designed to reduce sensitivity. These products work by closing the open pathways through the dentin that lead to the nerve. Use of one of these sensitivity items for a couple of weeks before planning to whiten should provide protection. If sensitivity from whitening does occur, it is most likely to subside when treatment is completed.

Gum tissue may become irritated if exposed; follow instructions to help prevent this.

Patients need to know that any restorations they have will not lighten the same as biological teeth. So if the patient has had cosmetic work done, they need to be made aware of this so they will not be disappointed with their final result.

The teeth whitening products available through our cosmetic dentists contain the most powerful whitening agents available. In addition to acquiring a superior result, there are additional advantages by contacting our dentists versus buying teeth whitening online or at the drugstore.

You will benefit from the advice and guidance your dental provider will render in the product you use. If you have any questions or concerns, there is someone to query.

If you do experience any side effects, you can immediately call our dentists for assistance. Although very unusual, an adverse reaction may be experienced due to an allergy to one of the components in the whitening gel. If you know of any reason this might pertain to you, you should direct your concerns to your dentist before whitening.

You can maintain your smile makeover with regular care: brushing and flossing daily coupled with visits to our dentists for a thorough cleaning every six months. If needed, touch-up kits are available that will help keep your teeth looking their best.

Knowing the foods and beverages that promote staining and limiting their consumption will help to elongate the effects of teeth whitening as well.

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