Chipped Denture: What are my options?


Dentures remain a very popular solution when tooth loss occurs. Unless your denture is fixed (permanently cemented in place), daily handling can lead to accidental drops. You can take safeguards like always working with your denture over a soft surface, but if the unthinkable should happen, you may be faced with a needed repair.

Can a chipped tooth on a denture be repaired?

Several factors will be used to determine what action needs to be taken:

  • How old is the denture?
  • How big is the chip? 
  • Does the denture still fit well and work with optimum functionality?

A visit with the dentist will be in order. While a dab of superglue may be tempting as a solution, you will be doing yourself a great disservice if you go this route.

While a quick “do it yourself” repair may seem like a great idea, you may be voiding any warranty you may have had on your denture; and putting a chemical compound in your mouth that is not designed for this purpose is unwise.

So what are your choices? If a repair is appropriate, your dentist will do everything possible to fix your denture quickly. But you may be without it for the day, so be aware this may be the case.

If your denture is older, your dentist may recommend a new prosthesis. Many advancements have been made that have improved the fit, function, and aesthetics of dentures; this may be a good opportunity to explore this option.

Of course, a third choice is to leave it alone – if the chip occurred in an obscure place this may be tempting, and the severity of the chip will dictate if this is a valid option.

Your dentist will provide you with a myriad of tips going forward on the best ways to protect your denture from future problems. A good idea is to have a designated spot where you are able to leave all your cleaning/storage denture tools readily available in a protected environment. You will always know where everything is while providing the safeguards that will work best for you.

Your denture is an investment in your ability to chew, speak, and smile with self-confidence. Just as you would protect any valuable asset you own, treat and handle your denture with extra care for the many benefits it provides.

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