Cosmetic Dental Procedures to Enhance Your Smile


A beautiful smile can boost self-confidence. Teeth do not need to be perfect, but there are conditions that can be addressed to make substantial improvements. Your cosmetic dentist can introduce you to teeth whitening along with many other enhancements to improve your smile.

Teeth can become drab over time. At home whitening provided by your cosmetic dentist is a much better choice than products you can purchase at the corner drugstore or on the internet. An additional bonus is you will benefit from the guidance you will receive from your dental provider to get the maximum benefit from your teeth whitening experience.

For many decades, the only way to repair dental decay was with dental amalgam. That is the silver metal that many adults now have in their mouths. However, today there is a component to dentistry that has made silver amalgam obsolete. That is the tooth-colored product called composite resin.

Composite resin is a plastic base mixed with a ground glass powder to provide a resilient repair that is ideal for many uses including treatment for dental decay, fixing a chipped tooth, blending over intrinsic dental stain not helped with teeth whitening, and many cosmetic repairs.

Crooked teeth present more problems than just aesthetic. When areas are difficult to reach with floss and your toothbrush, the likelihood of dental decay or gum disease is increased. With Invisalign clear aligners, the patient can experience the joy of a beautiful smile with this virtually undetectable means of teeth straightening.

Orthodontics completed with Invisalign has numerous advantages over traditional methods including their transparency; they are removable so you can enjoy all the foods you love; and daily hygiene maintenance is made easy because there are no obstacles to brushing and flossing. Your dental provider can complete your oral care more thoroughly as well.

Missing teeth can bring many detrimental conditions. Teeth may drift toward the opening creating a malocclusion; chewing may be affected; word pronunciation may be altered; and smiling along with speaking or eating in public may bring embarrassment.

Dental implants can be placed providing a solid base for the restoration your cosmetic dentist can fabricate making this solution the closest thing to having your own teeth back.

Smile enhancements can truly improve your life. To learn more about your options, contact our skilled team at Richardson Dentistry today.

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