Cracked a Tooth? Simple Solutions to Repair your Smile Without an Extraction

Cracked a Tooth? Simple Solutions to Repair your Smile Without an Extraction

Accidents and injuries, improper oral hygiene, and tooth decay can cause a tooth to crack or break, resulting in a possible root canal or extraction. While these dental procedures may seem stressful, they are common options for restoring your smile. If you have recently chipped, cracked, or broke a tooth, you may prefer a less involved option for repair. Thankfully, using one of the following solutions, you may be able to avoid an extraction while restoring your tooth.


Small cracks and chips in the tooth enamel can be repaired through bonding and sealing. Bonding is a great option for cracks in front teeth since it uses a natural, tooth-colored composite resin. After applying and shaping the composite resin material to the surface of your tooth, specialized ultraviolet lights are used to harden the material. Bonding offers a natural looking restoration.


In most cases, your dentist will recommend a crown to repair your cracked tooth. Since the crack will not heal on its own, the protective crown will prevent further breakage. If the crack reaches your gum line, you will need a full-coverage crown.

Various materials such as gold alloy, porcelain, and ceramic are all used today for dental crowns. While each varies in overall look and price, each material helps restore your smile, preventing further damage.

Root Canal

A root canal may be necessary if the crack extends deeper into the tooth. Over time, this can lead to discomfort, infections, and unavoidable extractions.

During the procedure, exposed nerves and pulp are removed before cleaning and sealing the interior of the tooth. A root canal procedure may be the last attempt to repair the cracked tooth without undergoing a complete tooth extraction.

A cracked tooth can affect your overall appeal, self-esteem, and smile’s function, but options for repair are available. If you are dealing with a cracked tooth, contact our skilled team at Richardson Dentistry. Call (972) 218-0078 to schedule your visit.

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