Do I Have Sleep Apnea if I Snore?

Do I Have Sleep Apnea if I Snore?

You may be the one in your house who snores, or maybe it’s your partner who does. In either situation, someone, or both people in your bedroom are likely not getting a good night’s sleep, and the “culprit” may also feel embarrassed about his or her snoring habit. You may not necessarily have sleep apnea simply because you snore, but most people who have sleep apnea do snore. If you learn that you have sleep apnea, your dentist offers an effective treatment option – one that resembles a mouthguard – which can help you to get a good night’s rest once again.

There are several signs and symptoms associated with sleep apnea: For instance, you may wake up in the morning with a headache and feel exhausted, as though you hadn’t slept at all. In addition, your spouse may have moved to another room because he or she is tired of hearing you snore each night. If you have pauses in your breathing or snore loudly and persistently, then you may have sleep apnea. A sleep study is necessary for a diagnosis of this condition.

Sleep apnea is a physical condition in which your airway’s upper passages are closed off, which affects your breathing and keeps you from getting the oxygen you need. In the past, a person with sleep apnea was given a special mask, called a continuous positive airway pressure mask, or CPAP mask. This device fits over the mouth and nose and keeps oxygen flowing into the airway. This treatment option, however, can be inconvenient and uncomfortable. In fact, some people find it so uncomfortable that they consider it to be just as troublesome as the sleep apnea itself.

Instead, your dentist can offer an effective alternative that mirrors a mouthguard but is specially designed to hold your jaw and tongue in particular positions. In this way, your soft tissues do not collapse and block your airway. These types of devices are easier to use, whether you are at home or are on the road, and are much more comfortable as well.

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