Enjoy Peace of Mind with Implants-supported Dentures

Enjoy Peace of Mind with Implants-supported Dentures

Tooth loss is traumatic … the instruments you employ to chew, smile, and speak clearly are critical to the enjoyment of day to day life. Whether teeth are lost to decay, disease, or a mishap, dentures can provide an ideal solution. And when dentures are affixed utilizing dental implants, your new teeth will soon seem as natural as those you lost.

The main difference between implants-supported dentures and a standard prosthesis is how they are fitted in the mouth.

Dental implants are small titanium units placed in the gums to provide the support needed to keep the denture in place. The implants are placed strategically where the most bone is evident to allow bone to fuse to the implants. After the implants are placed, a period of healing follows. A temporary denture is fabricated to use while waiting for the final denture to be placed.

The temporary denture is often retained for use later in the event of needed repairs to the permanent prosthesis.

With a standard denture, the patient relies on fit and suction to keep the denture in place. Small movement can be experienced while eating or speaking. Slippage is a primary disadvantage to a standard denture.

When a denture is placed with dental implants, your dentist is going to use the implants to secure the denture in place. And since the implants are permanently fixed, the denture will have less chance of movement allowing the patient to eat most anything they want with confidence. Sticky or extremely hard foods should be avoided as they can harm the denture itself.

Speaking becomes natural again once you have adjusted to your new dentures, and your smile is self-assured because there is no fear that your new teeth are going to move or become dislodged.

When tooth loss occurs, the patient would be wise to seek care as soon as practical. The bone in the jaw will start to deteriorate following tooth loss, and maintaining bone structure is critical to a successful dental implant procedure.

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