FAQs About Dentures

FAQs About Dentures

Dentures are a solution to tooth loss. The materials and technology available today make wearing dentures a much more acceptable and comfortable solution; some frequently asked questions follow:

  1. How do I know whether or not to choose dentures over other options? Become educated – do your research; think of questions and be persistent with your dentist to get the answers you need. Don’t just be a spectator; this is an adjustment that can result in major changes to your day to day living.
  1. Once I have chosen dentures to correct tooth loss, how long will the process take? There will be a series of appointments required over a period of several weeks. Your dentist will take dental impressions, make wax-ups, and try in temporary dentures until satisfied with the fit and appearance. At that time, the dental lab will fabricate the final denture. Even after the denture is placed, it is likely adjustments will be needed for maximum functionality and fit.
  1. Will everyone be able to tell that I’m wearing “false teeth”? Absolutely not … unless you choose to reveal this fact, the material used to make dentures is very natural and lifelike.
  1. Isn’t tooth loss a natural and acceptable part of the aging process? Is it necessary to get dentures if I’ve lost teeth as an older adult? Tooth loss happens; but accepting tooth loss as an inevitable part of life and letting it interfere with eating, speaking, and smiling naturally is totally unnecessary.
  1. If I get dentures, what changes will I have to make? Initially there will be an adjustment period where soft foods may be your best food choice; and some words and word sounds may require a little practice. But your dentist will urge you to continue to wear your dentures to overcome little issues as they occur … soon wearing your dentures will begin to feel natural and you will be able to eat and speak with ease.
  1. Will I wear my denture 24/7? Unless you have a fixed partial denture or undergo the dental implant process for a permanent denture, you will be removing your denture at night.

Keeping dentures clean and fitting properly are necessary for enjoying excellent oral health. Visiting your dentist every six months is important to maintaining denture fit, functionality, and a great overall dental condition.

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