Get The Most Out of Your Dentures with These Tips

Get The Most Out of Your Dentures with These Tips

There are multiple solutions when tooth loss occurs; dentures are a wonderful option that allows the patient to replace lost dentition in as little as a few weeks and a handful of appointments with your dentist.

Dentures are appropriate to replace multiple teeth, or an entire arch. Losing teeth to decay, disease, or trauma can be overwhelming … having the ability to speak, eat, and smile with confidence is something most take for granted. But missing teeth can change your outlook; you can restore tooth loss with one of the different denture options available.

Your dentist will consult with you to determine the best treatment based on your lifestyle and needs; what can occur if you do not replace lost teeth; and what is needed to keep your dentures and mouth healthy once treatment has been rendered.

Caring for your new dentures is just like anything else; once you develop a routine, it will become second nature. Tips for caring for your dentures include:

Once your new denture is in place, you can expect a period of adjustment. For eating, start out with softer foods in small bites and gradually work up to your normal diet.

Word pronunciation happens when the tongue and teeth work in concert; this may take a little practice. Sing in the shower, converse in front of a mirror, or practice talking with a trusted friend while you get used to your new dentition.

You should brush your dentures daily to remove food debris. Use a denture brush and paste for best results … brushing will help prevent staining as well.

Before putting your dentures in, brush your biological teeth making sure to reach the gum tissue where tooth loss occurred. This keeps those tissues healthy while stimulating blood circulation.

When you remove your dentures, rinse them thoroughly and place them in the appropriate storage container designed to keep them moist and prevent warping.

If your dentures feel loose or sores develop, see your dentist for treatment. Never attempt to make adjustments on your own; you can do permanent damage to your dentures. Your dentist wants you to get the most out of your dentures and will work with you to make it sure it fits, looks, and functions appropriately.

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