How does root canal treatment save a tooth?

How does root canal treatment save a tooth?

You have probably heard the words “root canal” from your dentist at some point but you might not know how treating a diseased root canal can be of benefit to you. Root canal treatment literally prevents a tooth from becoming so diseased that it cannot be salvaged. In fact, a root canal treatment allows a patient to keep their biological tooth instead of having it extracted. The reason this treatment saves a tooth is that it removes infected material within the tooth that threatens its livelihood. Following are some answers to common questions about root canal therapy.

What is a root canal?

The root canal is part of tooth anatomy. It is located deep inside the tooth. A hollow-like chamber, nerves and dental pulp live in the root canal.

When is root canal treatment necessary?

Root canal treatment is necessary when the nerve ending and dental pulp of the canal is infected. This infection can be caused by severe tooth decay that has gone untreated or dental injuries such as a cracked or chipped tooth.

What it involved when receiving root canal therapy?

Receiving root canal treatment isn’t much different than receiving a filling in terms of what a patient feels. Utilizing local anesthetics, the dentist will ensure that patients are comfortable. Once the anesthetic has taken affect, small instruments will be used to access the inside of the tooth. Once the root canal is accessed, the nerve ending and dental pulp will be gently removed. The root canal will then be irrigated and sealed with a rubber compound.

After root canal therapy, some patients may need a restoration if the outer structure of teeth is damaged. Dental crowns and fillings are common restorations that follow root canal treatment.

An infected root canal can greatly affect one’s quality of life. Since nerve endings are involved, an infected root canal can be very uncomfortable. Moreover, losing a tooth has profound effects on one’s oral health and mental wellbeing.

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