How long will my dentures last?

How long will my dentures last?

When you visit our dental team to consult about acquiring dentures, you will not be given an exact answer as to how long you can expect your dentures to last. That is because there are many circumstances that can alter the outcome. But there are things you can do to promote the longevity of your newly acquired dentures.

First of all, when you consult with our dentist, discuss all the options available to you. There are removable dentures and fixed dentures.

What will work best for you and your lifestyle?

Is your denture replacing a few teeth or an entire arch?

How healthy is the patient? For an individual that is forced to rely on their care from someone else, this can impact the length of time dentures may last.

How is the dental health of the patient?

If dental care was ignored when their biological teeth were still in place, how much time will they devote to caring for a dental prosthesis?

Once you and one of our dentists have determined what type of denture is best for you, you will have impressions taken, and a temporary denture will be placed until your new denture is ready.

Your dentist will try in your denture. Chances are a few adjustments will be needed. Once you and the specialist are satisfied, you will be given instructions for the care of your new denture.

For a fixed denture, it will have been permanently affixed to adjacent teeth or through the use of dental implants. However the means of placement, the patient will brush and floss the same as with biological teeth.

A removable denture will be cleaned and treated a little differently. The denture will be removed at night and placed in a soak overnight to maintain the comfort of the denture.

Throughout the life of the denture, regular visits to the dentist will provide the best maintenance and prolong its life. Over time, the gum tissue that the denture rests against may change. When this occurs, the fit of the denture can change. A denture reline can add time to the life of the prosthesis.

Appropriate care and those dental visits are going to provide the ultimate longevity of your new denture. Follow the instructions provided by our team, and enjoy the benefits you will reap with a denture.

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