How Well Will I be Able to Eat with My New Dentures?

Eating At A Restaurant

Any time you incur a major change to your body, there is an expectation that you will feel a difference. If you break your arm, you adjust to doing things with one arm for a period of time. If you lose multiple teeth, you will likely have to eat a modified diet containing foods that do not require a lot of chewing. So if you receive new dentures, you can expect to feel different while you adjust.

Dentures are available for various needs. A partial denture corrects the loss of some teeth; a complete denture is needed when the entire upper, lower, or both arches are lost.

In addition, there are choices in how your dentures are affixed. A removable denture is usually the most economical selection while a fixed denture is permanently placed with a larger investment.

Your dentist will fully explain the major differences as well as the pros and cons of all available selections. For many patients, their dental condition will play a big role in the final result.

The adjustment period will take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. Your dentist will advise you that if anything does not feel right, return to your dental office for the adjustment. Do not attempt to “fix” your denture on your own. Even a small tweak can do severe damage to your dentures.

During your initial period with your new dentures, you may be advised to wear it 24/7 to enhance your ability to adjust as quickly as possible. While getting used to your new teeth, eating soft foods is recommended. When you move on to more solid foods, taking small bites and concentrating on chewing will speed up your adjustment.

Your dentist will advise you not to avoid learning to chew with your new denture. The longer you resist using it for all functions, the longer it will take to adjust. However, avoid extremely hard foods and never chew ice. Sticky foods can dislodge your removable denture.

Once the initial adjustment period has passed, your denture should feel very natural. If it does not, your dentist should be consulted to see why … do not hesitate to return for dental corrections as the comfort and aesthetics of your dentures is essential to enjoy great quality of life.

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