Invisalign: Clear, Removable, Comfortable

Invisalign: Clear, Removable, Comfortable

Invisalign is a different kind of orthodontic treatment system that improves on the standard, clunky appliances that had once been the sole option for patients who wanted to straighten their smiles in the past. This new system uses clear plastic trays to apply forces to the teeth and facilitate their movement into the correct positions. This technique is more attractive, convenient and comfortable for patients.

Because the trays are made from clear plastic, they do not intrude on the patient’s smile like metal brackets and wires do. Patients don’t have to hide their smiles for months on end with Invisalign. Rather, the patient can actually witness the treatment outcomes in real time, although it still takes several months before the smile starts to look straighter.

Those same brackets and wires can also make it difficult for you to keep your teeth clean and healthy throughout orthodontic treatment, as the appliances may interfere with the proper brushing and flossing recommended by your dentist. The Invisalign trays can be removed for oral hygiene purposes, and you can maintain your normal routine.

Conventional braces also force patients to give up many of their favorite foods during orthodontic treatment, and Invisalign eliminates this inconvenience, as well. As long as you are sure to wear the trays each day for the amount of time recommended by your dentist – typically 20-22 hours – you can take them out at mealtime and enjoy a normal diet. Of course, as always, keep sugary treats to a minimum, whether you’re wearing Invisalign trays or not!

Additionally, the absence of brackets and wires can make Invisalign a more comfortable choice for patients, too. Wayward wires and the sharp edges of the brackets can injure the soft oral tissues, but the plastic trays pose no such hazards to the patient’s mouth. The patient still may experience some discomfort related to the teeth being repositioned, but this often can be addressed with over-the-counter pain medications.

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