Look and Feel Younger with Rejuvenating Dental Treatments

Look and Feel Younger with Rejuvenating Dental Treatments

You may not realize it, but your smile’s appearance can seem to add years to your age just as much as crow’s feet or laugh lines do. Cosmetic dentistry to the rescue! You can reverse the effects of aging on your teeth and gums with the proper treatment.

As we get older, our enamel gets thinner, exposing the yellow dentin underneath. In addition to accumulated staining from years of habits like drinking wine or coffee or smoking, your teeth may become significantly discolored as the years pass.

At-home teeth whitening treatment is a popular cosmetic dentistry intervention that requires minimal time and effort on the patient’s part. Patients may wear the bleaching trays while they’re asleep so it doesn’t disrupt their routine at all. Also, the teeth whitening treatments provided by a dentist are more predictable and produce more noticeable results than an over-the-counter product, so it’s worthwhile to consider this option.

Tooth loss is another problem that can make your smile look older than your true chronological age. Cosmetic dentistry offers a good solution for this issue, as well – dental implants. These structurally complete tooth replacements consist of an artificial root and crown (rather than only a crown). The dentist inserts the implant in the jaw in a surgical procedure, and over the course of several months, the bone fuses with it.

Dental implants have a number of advantages over traditional tooth replacement devices. They stand alone, so surrounding teeth won’t have to be compromised to hold the prosthetic in place. They’re also more comfortable and easier to maintain. Furthermore, the materials used to make the artificial crown component are quite lifelike and nearly indistinguishable from biological teeth.

Old metal fillings can also detract from your smile, so some patients in search of a more youthful appearance may want to swap these out for tooth-colored restorations. For crooked smiles, Invisalign provides a comfortable, convenient way to straighten your teeth without the metal orthodontic appliances typically associated with teens.

Want to erase years from your appearance? Dental treatments can help you achieve that goal. Call our team at Richardson Dentistry to learn more about the interventions that can enhance your smile, or schedule a consultation to get more detailed information tailored to your case.

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