Myths About Root Canals

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Ask anyone about their experience in having a root canal and you will likely hear that it was easy, pain free, and was completed in less time than anticipated. The mythical rumors and horror stories you hear about root canals are usually told by people who’ve never actually had one or had a negative experience.

A root canal is required to save a tooth where the root has been impacted by trauma or infection. Pain associated with a root canal usually is what is experienced first resulting in the need for endodontic therapy. The root canal is no more uncomfortable than what is experienced with a dental filling.

What is a root canal and what did I do to require this treatment? A hairline break, untreated dental decay, or a traumatic event can allow bacteria to permeate the interior of the tooth’s structure. You may not experience any discomfort to signal the need for treatment; however, many patients experience sensitivity to temperature, pressure when biting, or experience swelling due to infection.

A dental x-ray is taken to determine the need for a root canal. The x-ray is also used to locate the number of roots and their exact position. When a root canal is performed it is essential that each root of the tooth be treated for a successful outcome. If the patient is pregnant, treatment can be completed, but always advise your dental provider if you are expecting.

One dental myth is that the root is removed. Actually the contents of the root including nerve tissue, blood, and pulp are eliminated. The actual root stays intact.

Many individuals believe having the tooth extracted is easier or less expensive, because ultimately they will lose the tooth. Generally speaking while it may seem easier, keeping your biological tooth is much more advantageous than adding prosthesis later.

The ability to eat the foods you enjoy and smile with confidence require having all your teeth. Having a tooth extracted will result in costly and time-consuming dental work to restore the loss. Salvaging natural teeth is always a better alternative.

Once your root canal is performed, the access point will need to be sealed. Depending on the location of the tooth, this is usually done with a dental crown. The success rate is so high that the majority of patients never experience trouble with that tooth again.

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