Richardson Family Dentist Reminds You Never To Miss Routine Checkups

Richardson Family Dentist Reminds You Never To Miss Routine Checkups

A visit to the family dentist is probably not anyone’s favorite thing to do, but many patients realize what can occur when those important visits are delayed, missed, or canceled and don’t let it happen. An illness may mean you must reschedule your dental visit, but just make sure you give as much notice as possible so that time may be offered to a patient wishing to be seen.

Reasons people miss dental appointments:

1. I’m too busy: An appointment to have your teeth cleaned takes about one hour. This is literally two hours a year. Failure to keep scheduled teeth cleaning appointments can result in dental decay, the onset of gum disease, or missing a sign of a serious dental condition like oral cancer.

2. I brush and floss every day so I don’t need to see the dentist that often: It’s great that you have developed and follow a daily oral hygiene regimen. But even the most diligent person will likely have plaque building on their teeth. Once plaque hardens, a visit with the family dentist is the only way to have it removed. Plaque that continues to build leads to the potential for cavities or gum disease to develop.

3. I’m fearful of the dentist: Anxiety about a visit to the dentist is fairly normal. But when that fear prevents you from the care you need to maintain oral health, a solution is available in the form of sedation. Depending on your anxiety level, your dentist will have a solution to ease your concern.

4. I don’t have dental insurance and can’t afford to visit the dentist: Dental health is important for overall health … decayed teeth, infected gums, or the need to have teeth extracted due to neglect may be much more costly than keeping your scheduled dental appointment.


Teeth in disrepair can impact the quality of daily life. Having to treat dental problems like decay, infection, or gum disease is going to be time consuming and costly which means having to make time in your busy schedule, find the funds or work out a payment plan with your dentist. Also you should realize that perhaps daily brushing and flossing are not sufficient to maintain your dental health.

Overcome obstacles and see your family dentist regularly for dental and overall good health. You will be glad you did. So call our office today!

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