Should Dentures Be Worn at Night?

Should Dentures Be Worn at Night?

When it comes to addressing tooth loss in adulthood, dentures are one of the most commonly used options for patients because of their widespread availability and affordability. While there are many methods to replace teeth such as dental implants and fixed prosthetics, dentures are normally a viable option for patients with signs of gum disease or bone loss.

After a series of precise impressions are made by your dentist, your dentures will be custom crafted to accommodate the shape and size of your gums. The amount of space between your jawbones will also been taken into consideration when preparing impressions of your mouth.

Full and partial dentures help restore a patient’s ability to chew and bite food while also addressing the aesthetic impact of missing teeth. Made from materials such as porcelain and plastic acrylics, dentures are meant to mimic the appearance of natural teeth and gums so that patients can smile without shame.

After dentures have been fitted, dental professionals recommend that they be worn all day—even during sleeping hours—to determine whether they will need further adjustments from your dentist. After a few days and once final adjustments have been made, you will then remove your dentures while you sleep.

Removing dentures at night is best for maintaining optimal oral health and the longevity of these oral appliances. Because they cover your gums throughout the day, removal during sleep assures that gingival tissue rests and receives the stimulation necessary to remain healthy. A break from wearing dentures at night also allows for saliva, your mouth’s natural defense against oral bacteria, to rinse and dilute harmful particles while also keeping soft oral tissues moist. When dentures are removed, they should be cleaned and placed in water or a special solution that prevents the acrylic structure from drying out.

Be sure to follow your dentist’s instructions carefully after receiving dentures. To learn more about tooth replacement options,contact our experienced team at Richardson Dentistry to schedule your informative consultation.

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