Tips for a Teething Baby

Tips for a Teething Baby

The teething phase can be quite hard on both the child and the parents. It can begin as early as four months and can cause pain and irritability. The gums will likely be tender and swollen during this phase, so it is important to have some remedies available to help sooth your child and give them some relief.

Teething Remedies

– A teething ring or beads: A simple chilled (not frozen) teething ring can be quite comforting for a teething child. There is also teething jewelry available that mothers can wear that is safe for the child to chew on.

– Chilled baby food: Of your child is already accustomed to baby food, then chilled foods like applesauce or fruit can be really good for soothing the gums.

– A frozen washcloth: This works like a charm! Just make sure to keep your baby’s face and clothes dry to prevent rashes or irritation. Since teething babies drool a lot, a bib is very helpful to keep the neck and clothes from getting too wet.

– Massage the gums: You can always massage your child’s gums or allow them to chew on your finger for some relief.

– Teething ointment/tablets: There are medicated ointments available for babies that are having a harder time with teething. If these don’t seem to work, then contact your pediatrician for other solutions.

– Amber teething necklace: A holistic method of soothing a teething child that has been used for generations. When worn against the skin it can have a soothing and calming effect on the child.

As with so many aspects of parenting, teething can be a difficult stage for you and your baby. But remember, this too shall pass and before you know it, your little on will have a beautiful toothy grin.

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