Top Teeth-Staining Foods and Beverages

Top Teeth-Staining Foods and Beverages

Optimize teeth whitening efforts by learning what actually causes the majority of teeth staining problems. It should be no surprise that the top foods and beverages that contribute to teeth staining are also among the top foods and beverages consumed every day.

The most common foods that contribute to teeth staining are sauces that contain a dark color and have a highly acidic nature. Red pasta sauce is made from tomatoes, which are very acidic and contain color that deepens when cooked. Other notorious teeth staining sauces include curry and soy sauce. If it will stain clothing, it likely stains teeth.

Fruits and vegetables with a high color-content, such as carrots, red bell peppers, cherries, pomegranate, and just about all berries, are very common teeth staining foods. Likewise, the juices from these fruits and vegetables also add to stains on teeth. Those with significant acidity, such as citrus juices, erode enamel as well.

Many candy varieties have high color content as seen in the way they stain tongues and mouths. Many hard candies and chewy candies have citric acid or other acid ingredient used to enhance color and taste. The acidic nature of candy sets the stage for teeth to pick up stains, and the bright or dark colors added to candies has a greater chance of staining teeth.

Beverages comprise the majority of teeth staining culprits. Cosmetic dentists put red wine at the top of the teeth-staining list because red wine is both acidic and very deep in color. White wines can be more acidic, leaving teeth more susceptible to staining, but generally they do not stain teeth alone. Carbonated beverages are very acidic and sodas with deep colors also stain teeth. The sugar content in regular sodas contributes to bacteria growth and other damage to the teeth, as well.

There are many options for combating teeth staining, with pro-active oral hygiene ranking high as a preventative measure. Brushing and flossing soon after consuming a known teeth-staining substance can greatly reduce the strength of the stains and make teeth whitening efforts more effective.

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