When is a dental crown necessary?


It’s possible that your teeth could be the hardest working part of your body. They work for you day and night from the time that you are a few months old until the end of your lifetime (if you are fortunate enough to keep them!) So, it’s no wonder that your teeth are at a high risk for cavities, fractures, and erosion.

The good news is that, unlike other parts of the body, your teeth can be partially restored or completely rebuilt in a single day if they have been weakened by the effects of daily use. With a same day crown, a structurally compromised tooth can be restored to its former stature, providing you with many more years of confident biting, chewing, and smiling.

When is a dental crown necessary? Your dentist will likely recommend a crown when a tooth is no longer strong enough to perform its assigned duties. For example, a tooth with a deep cavity may or may not be painful, but it certainly cannot be counted on to endure the forces that are generated when you chew your favorite foods. A cavity makes the inner layers of the tooth soft, undermining the strength of the enamel and increasing the risk that the tooth will crumble or break unexpectedly.

The same risk is seen when a tooth has undergone a root canal treatment. Without the nourishment of the blood supply, the tooth will eventually become brittle and much weaker than a vital tooth.

A fractured, broken, or cracked tooth may also qualify for a dental crown. The crown, which is made from a highly durable ceramic substrate, is milled in the dental office and permanently seated on the same day. It can be shaped to resemble a healthy and complete tooth, and then shaded for a tooth-colored result.

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