Why do I have a dark spot on my tooth?

Why do I have a dark spot on my tooth?

Tooth discoloration can occur for many reasons from tooth decay to a reaction to medications or over fluoridation. Our dentists have many tools available to correct a dark spot.

Some of these reasons include:

Decay – A cavity can appear as a dark spot, and if allowed to grow will only get worse.

Medications – While tooth discoloration from this source is not dangerous, our doctors can alter your prescription to one without this side effect.

Fluorosis – Patients who get sufficient fluoride from their daily diet and drinking water do not require a supplement; however, some individuals that have gotten too much fluoride may see a discoloration on their teeth.

Smoking – Tobacco use can discolor teeth in addition to the other damaging affects you may incur like oral cancer.

Foods and Beverages – Tea, red wine, coffee, cola are all beverages known to discolor dental enamel. Foods like berries, tomato based sauces, beets are also known to stain.

Ineffective oral care – Patients who ignore following a good daily oral hygiene regimen along with missing their dental appointments every six months may experience tooth discoloration or spots.

Brushing at least twice every day with a fluoridated toothpaste or gel, flossing daily to remove food particles your toothbrush did not reach and visiting your dental clinic every six months for a complete cleaning and dental exam are ways you can keep your teeth as bright as possible.

However, if spotting or discoloration does occur, there are many solutions, such as:

Teeth Whitening – Once the plaque and calculus have been removed from your teeth by a dental provider, teeth whitening often can brighten teeth several shades removing extrinsic stains.

Cosmetic enhancements – If teeth whitening is insufficient, dental bonding may be recommended. This is a method where a tooth colored material is bonded to the tooth to cover spots or stains.

If the discoloration impacts too many teeth for dental bonding, porcelain veneers are very thin tooth colored shells that are permanently cemented to the front of teeth requiring correction.

Of course, if dental decay is the culprit, the dentist will repair the cavity with a composite resin, a plastic tooth colored material.

Whatever the cause, there are solutions to correct dark spots or stains on teeth. Contact our dental clinic at (972) 218-0078 to schedule an appointment today.

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