Why does my denture need to be relined?

Why does my denture need to be relined?

Dentures provide an ideal solution for patients that have incurred tooth loss. The ability to eat, speak, and smile with confidence is restored when missing teeth are supplanted with dentures that have been made to match remaining biological teeth.

Dentures are available to replace some missing teeth (a partial denture), or if all teeth in an arch are missing a full denture is made.

A patient wishing to have their dentures placed at the time of tooth extraction can opt for an immediate denture. Patients willing to wait can have their denture ready in about two weeks.

The advantages of a denture over other methods of tooth replacement include: financial commitment, ease of of placement, and the ability to make simple adjustments. Today’s dentures are much more lifelike that dentures from years ago. The materials appear natural and are made to be as comfortable as possible. Having a denture made allows for a non-invasive procedure that is relatively pain-free.

Dentures are made to rest against gum tissue. Over time gum tissue can change allowing your denture to fit differently from when you initially received it. This is one of the reasons why your dentist may recommend a reline.

Dentures are usually made to be taken out at night and as often as needed for cleaning. A denture soak is recommended for use during the night. The patient is cautioned about cleaning their prosthesis over a towel or cloth as dropping your denture on a hard surface can result in a broken tooth.

Never boil or microwave your denture, as this can warp it leading to a misfitting appliance. Other things needed to afford the proper care for your mouth and prosthesis include:

Cleaning your mouth thoroughly after removing your denture. Brush your dentures every day, but make sure you use tools intended for a denture (a regular toothbrush and toothpaste can be too harsh for your denture scratching the porcelain finish).

See your dentist for needed adjustments. Never attempt to alter your denture on your own. You can void any warranty that accompanies your denture.

Visit your dentist every six months for cleaning and examination of remaining natural teeth as well as an inspection of your denture to make sure it remains looking its best and offering you full functionality for many years.

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