Will Dentures Affect My Speech?

Will Dentures Affect My Speech?

The purpose of a denture is to replace permanent teeth that have been lost. Custom fit dentures are designed to feel and look as close to natural as possible. Initially there will be an adjustment period, but that is most often a brief period of time.

Your dentist will take all the steps needed to fabricate your dentures to accommodate your budget and timeline. As with most things in life, there are choices you can make regarding the type of denture you select.

A removable denture will likely have a larger impact on speech as it can move.

For individuals wishing for a removable unit, a denture will be made that will clasp on the adjacent teeth (providing those teeth are stable and healthy enough to sustain the denture). This is usually the most economic choice.

A removable denture will likely have a larger impact on speech as it can move. Although they are designed and custom fitted to exact specifications, they are not cemented in place.

A fixed denture, however, is designed to be permanently cemented in place by preparing the abutment teeth and placing crowns on them to hold the denture in place. This denture will feel more like your natural teeth as there are no metal clasps or plastic to interfere with your daily life.

A removable denture will be taken out at night and placed in a special container to keep it moist for maximum comfort and longevity. Patients are encouraged to brush their natural teeth and massage the gum tissue where teeth are missing before placing the denture in. Dentures require a special paste and brush for cleaning. Standard tooth pastes and gels are too abrasive for dentures and can damage the finish.

Boiling or microwaving a denture in the belief that it is being sanitized can damage it, so this is discouraged.

While getting used to your new denture, practicing different speech patterns can expedite learning to speak with it in place. Speaking in front of a mirror is helpful … reading aloud provides practice as well.

While adjusting to your new denture, do not worry if it requires a tweak now and then. Your dentist wants to make sure every aspect of your denture meets your satisfaction … never try to make adjustments on your own as damage can occur.

In a brief time you will be speaking, eating and smiling as you have learned to live and love your new denture. Contact our experienced dental team for more information about dentures today.

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