Will Teeth Whitening Make My Veneers Whiter?

Will Teeth Whitening Make My Veneers Whiter?

Patients who are combining smile-enhancing treatments like veneers and teeth whitening will need to consider the order in which they receive those treatments. Because veneers are made of porcelain, they do not respond to standard teeth whitening treatments. Therefore, patients should whiten their teeth prior to getting veneers so that the veneers will blend in with the biological teeth.

When combining treatments in this way, it can be helpful to work with a cosmetic dentist who will have expertise in providing the best options for the patient’s desired results.

Fortunately, a cosmetic dentist can give you a convenient at-home whitening system that can still achieve dramatic results. You’ll receive a set of custom-crafted trays that are filled with a bleaching gel and are to be worn overnight. It takes a few days before you will begin to see results and a few more days before you get the ideal results. Consult closely with your dentist on the treatment timeline.

Of the teeth-whitening methods, this type of at-home system actually tends to produce the most consistent results. The gel is much more effective than over-the-counter products and other interventions intended to improve the smile’s appearance, which is another compelling reason to work with a specialty dentist for teeth whitening.

Your veneers will be custom-designed to blend in with the shade and shape of the surrounding teeth. In order to get the veneers to match the natural teeth, your dentist can make additional adjustments to the devices before bonding them to the teeth. Be sure that you’re satisfied with their appearance before they are placed, as no further changes can be made after that point.

You can dramatically improve your smile with both of these interventions in the proper order, and your dentist can give you guidance on the anticipated treatment timeline.

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