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Helping Your Smile Shine Bright

At Richardson Dentistry, we offer teeth whitening treatments for patients seeking a whiter and brighter smile. Discolored and yellow teeth are quite common, especially if you’re someone who drinks coffee, tea, or wine regularly. Fortunately, our in-office whitening products help to brighten smiles up to 8 shades lighter. With years of experience in cosmetic dental practices, our dentists have both the skills and knowledge to improve the appearance of your teeth. Our state-of-the-art technology and techniques ensure your teeth stay healthy and radiant for a long time.

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Am I a Good Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is most often ideal in patients with strong oral health and no dental fillings, who are seeking a whiter smile. For patients with chronic sensitivity in their teeth, whitening may not be the best option, as it has the potential to make your teeth even more sensitive. In addition, those suffering from periodontal disease or oral cancer should avoid teeth whitening altogether.

Types of Teeth Whiteners

Teeth whitening procedures are extremely effective at reducing and eliminating dark and discolored stains. Our experienced dentists offer a variety of whitening products and services, both in-office and take-home.

We provide the following teeth whitening services for our patients:

  • In-office treatment: After examining your teeth and surrounding structures, our dentists will let you know whether whitening is a safe treatment option for you. If you’re a good candidate, we’ll begin our in-office procedure by preparing your mouth to expose only your teeth, covering the gums and lips. We’ll then use our professional whitening gel and expose a special light to help penetrate your teeth. During treatment, we’ll make sure you’re relaxed as possible to ensure maximum comfort.
  • Over-the-counter treatment: There are a variety of over-the-counter teeth whitening options, such as bleaching strips, whitening kits, and whitening toothpaste. We’ll recommend a product approved by the American Dental Association, and ensure the appropriate treatment based on your specific needs.
  • Take-home treatment: Take-home bleaching solutions are a great way to improve the color and overall brightness of your teeth, right in the comfort of your home. We provide patients with personalized, custom-made whitening trays to wear over a span of a few days, depending on what you want to treat.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

Teeth whitening treatment can potentially last up to three years, depending on several factors:

  • The patient's general oral health
  • The intake of foods or drinks that could be staining the patient's teeth
  • Smoking or use of other tobacco products
  • The type of toothpaste the patient uses
  • Damage to tooth enamel

Ready for a Radiant Smile?

It’s hard to be confident in your smile with stained and discolored teeth. That’s why teeth whitening is a great option for individuals who want to improve the appearance of their smiles. If you don’t know if you’re a good candidate for a whitening treatment, get in touch with one of our dentists here at Richardson Dentistry, and we’ll walk you through all your options to help pick out the best treatment for you.

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