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Dental Technology

Keeping up with the Latest Tools & Techniques at Richardson Dentistry

While some dental techniques withstand the test of time, Richardson Dentistry focuses on keeping up with cutting-edge dental technology. Drs. James Guirguis, Michael Guirguis, and Brent Fleming are still continuing their education, clocking more than 100 hours of education each year, to help patients across the country receive the dental care they need.

Modernized treatments like Invisalign® and are great alternatives to braces because they are more comfortable and less noticeable. Dental implants are also a great alternative to dentures and are more convenient for patients.

Our dental team is proud to use state-of-the-art tools to help us provide our patients with gentler, more accurate care. Many of these tools are used for more advanced interventions as well as basic dental care. For example, our intra-oral camera functions as a tiny powerhouse that captures images of your mouth’s interior. We are able to view these images immediately on our computers, allowing us to educate our patients and engage with them about treatment plan options that would benefit them best. In addition, the environment and our staff members are no longer exposed to the chemicals involved with processing film.

Contact us at (972) 218-0078 to learn more about the dental technology we use at Richardson Dentistry.

Ensuring the Safety & Comfort of Our Patients

Both our dental team and our patients love how much safer today’s dental technology is. Our new digital x-ray system emits less radiation while still providing our Dallas County dentists with the essential information they need to properly examine the mouth and diagnose various oral diseases.

The technology our dental team offers today ensure more comfort for our patients. The modern dental instruments we use allow us to perform less invasive procedures while still being able to provide accurate results. For instance, our team can eliminate the infection associated with gum disease by applying Arestin. This treatment involves placing a powder between your gums and the roots of your teeth to deliver a time-released antibiotic. This process is just as effective as performing a surgical procedure to remove the bacteria in your gums.

Putting Your Comfort & Confidence First

We want you to be knowledgeable of your dental care and understand the benefits of proper oral health so you can maintain a happier, healthier smile. Our practice has invested in the advanced technology that is allowed us to make this possible.

We realize many individuals are apprehensive about visiting the dentist, but thanks to today’s technology, dental visits are quickly becoming much more comfortable, relaxing, and pleasant experiences.

Soft Tissue Treatments

At Richardson Dentistry, we use the SL3 Laser for soft-tissue treatments. Laser technology affords us greater accuracy with complex periodontal issues and rapid healing times for our patients. Thanks to soft tissue laser technology, we can treat the soft tissues of your mouth with more comfort and precision than ever.

Efficiency & Precision

With an energized beam of light, soft tissues such as the gums can be delicately treated in the dental office. The specially calibrated light beam is used to sculpt and also cauterize specific areas of tissue, effectively minimizing bleeding and accelerating the healing time. In addition to reshaping the gums and controlling bleeding, the laser also sterilizes the treated areas, reducing the risk of an infection.

With a finely focused laser, we have the ability to target specific areas for treatment, leaving the surrounding tissues untouched.

Quiet Comfort

Soft tissue laser procedures are typically painless and can often be performed without anesthesia, eliminating the numbness that is normally associated with surgical procedures. For complex or extensive procedures, local anesthetics and sedation can be administered on an individualized basis.

Laser technology is also exceptionally quiet. During the procedure, a low-pitched humming sound may be emitted rather than the disconcerting sounds of a conventional dental handpiece.

These procedures can be performed with a soft tissue laser:

  • Crown lengthening
  • Periodontal therapy/ sterilize periodontal pockets
  • Gingival (gum) re-contouring without cutting
  • Removing soft tissue lesions and cold sores

The use of the soft tissue laser for these and other procedures has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and this technology is safe to use on both adult and pediatric patients.

For a healthy smile, laser dentistry is a well-tolerated option that is suitable for a wide range of applications. Its safety has been proven and the long-term effects are favorable. Our patients find that their surgical procedures can be completed faster and more comfortably with lasers, allowing them to return to their busy schedules with very little disruption or inconvenience.

Formlabs® 3D Printing Technology for Your Smile

The world of dentistry has been revolutionized by 3D printing technology. In just a short matter of years, 3D printers have become so advanced, they can print nearly anything within a matter of minutes. Richardson Dentistry uses a Formlabs 3D Printer to quickly and easily create totally customized molds and resins for dental patient use.

We can use our 3D printing technology to create fully-custom:

  • Molds
  • Dentures
  • Resins
  • Crown and bridge models

In the past, a dentist would need to use uncomfortable pastes and generally-unpleasant substances to make a mold of a patient’s teeth, delicately pack it, and send it to a lab to produce the final dental product. Today, thanks to the advance of dental science and technology, the process is streamlined for patient comfort and convenience. We can use laser scanners to get an incredibly accurate 3D model of your teeth and mouth, send that data to the 3D printer, and produce the final product same-day — sometimes before the patient even leaves our office!

Is Laser Technology Right for You?

We invite you to contact our office today to find out more about how we can use soft tissue lasers as part of your oral health treatment plan.

Get started with a consultation by calling (972) 218-0078. Our Richardson dentists look forward to helping you improve your smile.

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